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In 2009, the city of Knin prepared all the necessary documentation for the reconstruction of military warehouses and their conversion into a “fra Lujo Marun” Student Dorm, and in 2010, they obtained all the necessary permits and concluded a contract on the right to build with the owner of the buildings and land, that is, the Republic of Croatia. The complete reconstruction of the building and its furnishing to full functionality was completed in December 2016, when the Student Dormitory “fra Lujo Marun” was officially opened. For the most part, the old military warehouses were preserved with minor changes and demolitions inside the building, and attics were added to both buildings. The “Fr. Lujo Marun” student dormitory consists of two main buildings, buildings A and B, and the auxiliary building of the hot water boiler room. Each building consists of a ground floor, a first floor and an attic. The area of each building (all floors in the building) is 1,845 m2.

Between buildings A and B there are paths, green areas and an open stage, and behind building B there is a parking lot where the boiler room is located. In building A, there are the office premises of the Polytechnic, common rooms, a large multipurpose hall and in the attic 5 apartments, each of which consists of a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, each with an area of approx. 40 m2. Also, in building A is the newly opened space of the Knin National Library.

In building B there are 53 student rooms, total accommodation for 78 students, of which 28 are single rooms with a kitchenette and bathroom (of which 2 rooms are suitable for people with disabilities) and 25 double rooms with a bathroom and refrigerator. On each floor there is a kitchenette and a living room for the needs of students – conceived as student socializing zones. On the ground floor of building B there is a common room equipped with washing machines and clothes dryers.

In designing the space, the Ordinance on classification and categorization of other types of catering facilities for accommodation from the group “Camps and other types of catering facilities for accommodation” (Official Gazette 49/08, 45/09, 94/13, 49/15), and the Ordinance on ensuring the accessibility of buildings for people with disabilities and reduced mobility (NN 151/05, 61/07).

King Petar Krešimir IV 22.
22300 Knin, Croatia
Office for student standards:
Phone: + 385 (22) 668 130
Phone: + 385 (22) 668 131
Phone: + 385 (22) 661 398



Subsidized accommodation:

  • Single room – 86.00 EUR (647.97 HRK) (monthly)
  • Double room (per person) – EUR 60.00 (HRK 452.07) (per month)
  • Single room with separate bathroom – EUR 119.00 (HRK 896.61) (monthly)
  • Double room with separate bathroom (per person) – 80.00 EUR (602.76 HRK) (per month)

Non-subsidized accommodation and accommodation of all students from the age of 15. July to 30 September:

  • Single room – EUR 113.00 (HRK 851.40) (monthly)
  • Double room (per person) – 86.00 EUR (647.97 HRK) (per month)
  • Single room with separate bathroom – 146.00 EUR (1. 100.04 HRK) (monthly)
  • Double room with separate bathroom (per person) – EUR 100.00 (HRK 753.45) (per month)
Petra Krešimira IV 30, 22300 Knin
OIB: 13664089430
IBAN: HR7424070001100148180 | SWIFT: OTPVHR2X
Petar Krešimir IV 22 | 22300 Knin


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